Some Interesting Benefits and Features of Using Microsoft Office 365

4 min readApr 15, 2021

Hereby, you will be informed of some cool feature points and advantages of having an activated Microsoft Office 365 in your system.

Microsoft Office is almost like a weapon in contemporary office circles. Without it, we cannot imagine a workspace. It offers a wide range of applications and toolkits, which facilitates the productivity of the workspace and enables a user to perform primitive tasks with its computing device. You must be familiar with Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, OneNote, and Access.

You are aware of its common features, for instance, short cut keys.

However, Microsoft adheres to its principles of upgrade and growth and has introduced some new features, which you might use if you have a Microsoft Office actuated in your system. Microsoft has introduced these features to enhance the productivity of the user or a team, and they are pushing the walls to enable the user to further boost up the collaborative efforts of the user.

Some New Features of Microsoft Office

1) Instantaneous Collaboration in Co-Authoring a File in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

Suppose you are writing an executive summary in Microsoft Word, and you want to share it with your team, who can, in turn, see your writing and suggest some changes. You can easily achieve this while using Microsoft Word from Microsoft Office 365. From there on, you can even proceed to share your files on OneDrive or choose to use SharePoint to collaborate with others. You can also directly share the file from the side-bar.

2) Team Conference

If you feel the need to have a team conversation, be it audio or video-based, while sharing the screen, you can do that by availing yourself to something called “Microsoft Teams in-app configurations.” You can do your work while talking with your team; however, you also have the option of closing down your work and continue to speak to the team while using the Microsoft Teams feature.

3) Convert Your Mouse Pointer into a Laser Pointer for Effective Presentations

While giving presentations, you can proceed to hit on a very simple keyboard key-Ctrl+P, in order to turn your simple invisible mouse pointer into a bright laser pointer.

4) No Need to Send Email Attachments

You must be very much familiar with the email attachments tradition where you send a file to your coworker, they download it, and then they edit. There is no need for such a time-consuming process anymore. You can simply proceed to add your file in your Microsoft OneDrive, and then share a link with your coworker using Microsoft Outlook.

OneDrive will automatically grant permission to your coworker to view and edit files.

5) Attach Notes As Calendar Events

Any note in Microsoft OneNote can be converted to deadline-specified tasks using a new feature. You can also add few other details like location, date, time, and nature of the task. Using OneNote, you can also send emails with a OneNote file specifying the number of minutes taken in a meeting.

6) Convert Your Files into PDF Formatted File

After you are finished writing your Word files, spreadsheet files, or publication files, you can convert it easily using an in-built PDF converter feature. Just go onto files, and then click on Save As to save the file in any format you wish.

7) Convert Your Prosaic Data into a Visualized Map

Power Map is a new addition to Excel, where you can convert and visualize your mathematical data into a map. This feature is powered by Power BI, which enables a user to visualize, analyze, and learn data points comprehensively. You can also make use of different date filters offered by Power Map, namely Advanced, Range, or List.

Advantages of Using Microsoft Office 365

One of the prime advantages of using Microsoft Office 365 is an easy and effective mode of collaboration.

Other facets of benefits include using the software from anywhere on planet earth; you and your team just need to be connected with the web. Since the Office runs on cloud-based operations, you can easily access emails, share files, and join meetings, conferences, and schedule collaborative working hours.

As you know, since it’s cloud-based, the probability of losing your data is very low, Microsoft Office 365 not only comes with a handful of features, but it also ensures comprehensive data security and reliability.

Another prime advantage of activating Microsoft Office 365 is that it is a subscription-based application. So, you need to pay just one time and enjoy the features for the rest of the year.

You can also argue that the easy-to-understand features of Microsoft Office are one of its advantages. You can start by working with the features you already know how to use.


Microsoft Office is still one of the most powerful applications in the entire computing system. You can accomplish almost your entire corporate world tasks with just a working Microsoft Office 365 in your system.

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