Show or Hide Installed Apps on Apple Watch With These Steps

  1. On your paired iOS device, you need to launch the Watch app.
  2. Further, ensure that the “My Watch” tab present on the bottom-left side of the display is selected.
  3. Now, scroll below to the section “Installed on Apple Watch.” The entire list of applications ever installed on your wearable will appear. Among the list, you need to select the one that you need to hide.
  4. Then, turn off the toggle appearing right next to the apps that you want to hide, and that’s it. The changes made will be saved immediately. All the selected apps will get removed from the home screen of your Apple Watch right away.
  5. Further, if you want the apps to be displayed on your wearable device, you need to tap on the toggle to turn it on. on toggle, and the app will appear on your screen in no time.



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