How to Record and Share Videos on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

4 min readApr 14, 2021

The new advanced Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are now available in markets. These new advanced consoles allow the user to capture their gameplay. The interesting thing for the gamers here is that capturing and sharing videos with others is now easier than ever. Gameplay streaming and uploading video on social media platforms is a trend nowadays. With the help of the new Xbox OS version, wireless controllers, and share button, users can capture their gameplay and share it with friends and on social media.

So if anyone recently bought Xbox’s new generation console, and is willing to record and share their clips, they should follow a simple procedure.

How to Record Video on Xbox Series X and S

A simple screenshot of the gameplay presents the current environment and moment of a second, but a video can capture an entire storyline and an action-packed moment. Xbox Series allows gamers to record their gaming video in three different ways and provide many options to share with others.

Users can try whatever method to capture their gameplay, and they’ll be notified when they successfully record something. Users can also change the area of the notification bar, or they can also disable the notifications while playing the game.

Learn to Use the Share button on Xbox Wireless Controller

The easiest way to capture a screenshot or a video clip in their Xbox Series X and S is they should simply press the Share button on their new Xbox wireless controller. Xbox redesigned the wireless controller and made it pretty handy along with a dedicated Share button. The Share button on the wireless controller can be used in several ways. If the user wants to take a screenshot of a timestamp or an issue, they can simply press the Share button.

Great thing about the Share button is that after pressing, it doesn’t show any additional options or guide and take the screenshot immediately with the flow. So ultimately it will help players by not letting them pause their game. In the same way, if a player wants to capture a video, they have to press and hold the share button and it will record 30 seconds of video.

Capture Video Clips Using the Guide on Xbox Series X and S

If there’s anyone who doesn’t want to use Wireless controllers or any additional option that has a Share button, they can record clips using the old method. Apart from the Share button, users can capture their gameplay in two different ways. The Guide button on Xbox Series X and S allows the players to record their gameplay. People who want to work with speed and are willing to share a lot of stuff, then definitely the Wireless controller is the best option.

The second way to capture gameplay could be slightly difficult for players. While playing a specific game where screenshots and video clips are allowed to be captured, players will see a shortcut on the screen to capture their gameplay. So in this condition, players will have to press the Xbox Guide button at the center of the controller. Press the Guide button to open the guide and then press X to begin recording a clip or press Y to take a screenshot. Users can also press the View button to check settings related to captures.

Additionally, users can also open the Guide section by pressing the RP and LB button on their controller to open the Capture & share screen. In the following section, users will see the following options:

Capture screenshot: Take a screenshot of whatever is happening on the screen.

Record what happened: It will allow users to record what recently happened.

Start recording: After opening Guide, users can start capturing video.

By using the following features, users will be able to capture a short clip or a screenshot. The great thing about these features is that it will allow users to record video for a maximum of 2 minutes in full resolution.

How to Share Captured Videos Using the Guide on Xbox Series and S

Xbox Series X and S users can share video clips easily. Once a user captures a video, they will be notified on the screen. From the notification section, users can easily view and share the gameplay clip. Press and hold the Guide button and a new banner will appear over the game screen. There players will see a quickly open and share captured video and screenshot option.

However, if anyone has multiple screenshots and video clips to be shared, they should open the Guide option and slide to the Capture & share option. In the following option, users will see two options:

Recent captures: In this section, users will see all recently taken screenshots and recorded video clips.

Share the last capture: In this option, users will have to press and hold on the Guide button and choose the last recorded clip or screenshot to share.


Recording a video or taking a screenshot on both Xbox Series X and S is pretty simple. Users need to understand that if they want to record their gameplay in a simple way, they must have a wireless controller. Once the video is recorded, users can send it to their external disk and edit it as well.

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