How to Check Video Quality Before Joining a Google Meet Call

  1. Launch the Google Meet app in order to access the green room. Head over to the waiting room. Create a new meeting or click on the invite link if you are invited to attend a meeting. Doing this will automatically bring you to the waiting room.
  2. Once you are brought to the waiting room, you will observe a new button appearing on the video feed’s left side at the bottom stating, “Check your audio and video.” You need to tap on that button so as to open the green room.
  3. Separate sections related to the speaker, microphone, and camera can be seen on openingthe green room. Tap on any of your preferred options to make customizations in its settings. After ensuring that all the settings are set appropriately, tap on “Next.”
  4. On the page appearing further, you can record a short sample in order to check how the customized settings are performing and how your appearance will be in the meeting. You don’t need to worry about this short clip as it won’t get saved anywhere and will only be visible to you. Further, you need to click on Start in order to record the clip.
  5. Later, after a while, you can check the recorded video clip by playing it. This will give you a general idea of how your video will perform while you are on a call.
  6. You will also be shown the results below the video clip. You can take an overview of these results in order to understand the quality and performance of your video in a better way. The company also offers a tips and tricks section where you can position yourself at the central position of the camera and prevent bright lights from appearing behind you.



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