Deepfake Technology Brings an Old Star Back to Solo: A Star Wars Story

3 min readAug 21, 2020

Star of the Blade Runner and Star Wars franchise the great Harrison Ford was not part of Solo: A Star Wars Story. However, deep ake technological experimentation on Han Solo character from the 2018 flick has proven to be highly innovative, making the movie slightly better.

None of the Star Wars fans were happy with the Solo: A Star Wars Story and it became clear from the box office returns and average critical response.

You can cut slack for Alden Ehrenreich, though. In no universe would he have done the impossible task of convincing the fanbase that he can make up for the absence of Harrison Ford as Han Solo. It was never going to happen.

It would have been wise not to include the Han Solo character at all, and you know exactly why. What had made the character Han Solo so popular? It was Harrison Ford. The greatest thing about Han Solo was not the character depth but the acting of the Blade Runner star. Many youngsters of the 1980s copied his mannerisms and movements, which made the character an essential part of the legendary franchise.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is sadly a gone case now, but that hasn’t stopped some people from using their brains in making Solo a better movie.

A YouTube channel by the name Shamook tried something utterly interesting on Han Solo scenes, and the scenes do look better because of it.

The Youtuber who runs the channel Shamook employed deepfake technology that is pretty latest in the domain of video improvisation and printed Harrison Ford’s face on Alden Ehrenreich’s body.

Not all deepfake tweaks are promising, but this improvisation looks excellent because, in the Solo movie, Ehrenreich was already sketched out beforehand to resemble Harrison Ford’s Han Solo and the deep fake technology when imprinted the Ford picture on his face accentuated the design.

You can check out Shamook’s YouTube channel to see the effect of deep fake technology on Solo’s Han Solo character.

There is some caveat here. Of course, there is. There is no voice of the Han Solo character. It is a drawback of not only the experimentation but on the technology as well. Harrison Ford’s face is an excellent addition to the scene, but the lack of character voice is a little turn-off.

The fans have commented on Shamook’s video and demanded another Solo: A Star Wars movie cut with deep fake Harrison Ford’s face planted on Ehrenreich. There is no reason filmmakers cannot try that. After all, the technology can bring back memories apart from inducing a breath of freshness in the heart of the greatest fan club.

This isn’t the first time though that someone has tried to plant Harrison Ford on Ehrenreich. There have been several attempts earlier, the reason this attempt has created a buzz because it has been very well done, and it looks authentic. If anybody knows nothing about the Star Wars and Harrison Ford, they might believe that there hasn’t been any tampering at all; Harrison Ford is a young man!

Deepfakes have been in the news lately. Last week a parody account had made a video on John F Kennedy in which he is talking about Rick and Morty.

Solo: A Star Wars Story was released in 2018 with massive expectations. Some consider the movie to be underrated, though.

Han Solo, on which the film was based, is a famous Star Wars character created George Lucas. The first time the character appeared on a movie was 1977 Star Wars, portrayed by Harrison Ford, whose face became a crowd puller for the franchise. Ford personified Solo again in the films: The Empire Strikes Back and Return of Jedi. Years later, he was again chosen to be the man to play Han Solo in the films: The Force Awakens and The Rise of the Skywalker.

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